Roswell, New Mexico
My grandfather was stationed at Roswell Army Air Field from 1942 to 1945, working as an airplane mechanic on B-17's & B-29's. Most people know of Roswell through the famous folklore of an alleged crash of a UFO and the subsequent cover-up in July of 1947. Over the years former military people who were directly involved in the event, with ranks as high as Major, Colonel, and General have come forward with testimonies that leave little doubt that 'something' must have crashed out there. Whatever it was is open to speculation.

Had my grandfather stayed in Roswell another year and a half he would have likely been involved and/or aware of the circumstances back then. As it stands he did believe that something significant happened at RAAF in 1947.

Having a decades-long interest in the UFO phenomenon, it was a blast visiting Roswell. The town certainly embraces the extraterrestrial angle. The UFO Museum And Research Center is corny and cheesy and everything else you would expect from it, but they are sincere and rather informative for the novice and newcomer.

I did happen to meet the co-author of UFO Crash At Roswell, a best-seller published in 1991. I had a 20-year-old copy in my backpack that he happily signed when I showed it to him. He was interested in the copies of my grandfathers Honorable Discharge papers and photographs from 1940's Roswell. I guess enough so that he invited me to join an upcoming archaeological dig at the 'debris field' crash site this October. Not that I could make it back to New Mexico so soon, but I appreciated the offer.

We also got a tour of the town by a fellow UFO researcher and Roswell resident. He drove us around to various locations associated with the UFO crash story, finishing up at the former Roswell Army Air Field that is still in use privately. Hangar 84, where the folklore tells us that UFO debris and bodies were stored before being transported still stands there today. If you go for that sort of thing. If nothing else it's a hangar that my grandfather worked in during WWII.