is going on hiatus

Not sure for how long. It may be for a few months or it may be for a year.
It has been my intention for the past few years to take a break at the end of 2012, but I decided to extend the News Updates until after the Inauguration.

Long-term visitors probably have noticed a decline in the frequency and variety of updates in recent months. I've had this website for twelve years, and I've been a political junkie since the '92 campaign. It's just time for a little break and the Obama re-election is a nice bookend to the Clinton win of twenty years ago.

The site has basically been about being a subtle resource, collecting and disseminating information and articles that I felt worthy of attention for various reasons. It's not a money making venture, obviously. There's no advertising on the site, nor any product being sold.

As for me, I'm just a musician in NYC with a disability or two. My political insights framed early on, being a left-wing liberal raised in a right-wing conservative household. I know the conservative ideology. Authoritarianism, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, nationalism... I know it well. And I know how inherently dysfunctional it can be to society.

While the site is taking a hiatus here, my belief in liberal, progressive ideals remains a constant. I may still have a few sporadic updates over the following months if warranted, but nothing on the level previously known.

I hope this site has been of value to some of you
(and maybe just the slightest thorn to others).

So, good night and good luck,
live long and prosper and all that.

January 28th, 2013